How old is Jessica?

Jessica is 5 yo.


When did she start playing piano?

Jessica was 3yo.


How often does Jessica practice?

We try to practice every day for about 20-30 minutes.


Does Jessica like playing piano?

Yes Jessica loves learning new songs and play in front of people. She thinks that when she plays piano or sings it makes people happy because they always smile.


Who is Jessica’s piano and singing teacher?

Her Mum.


Where does Jessica perform?

Jessica performs in some retirement villages in Sydney. She has also performed in front of 5000 people at Carols by Candlelight. Jessica loves playing piano and sing for her family.


What is your background?

I live and perform in Sydney. I was born here in Sydney. My Mum is Russian and she is a piano teacher. My Dad is Australian and he is a Dash Cams Specialist at Dash Cams Central.


How could a toddler learn to play piano so quickly?

Jessica loves playing piano. She is a very switched on child who is willing to learn. Also Jessica’s Mum has designed and published special unique piano books for Jessica and all beginners. The books are based on the colorful notation rather then black and white. This new method made it possible for Jessica to progress so quickly and enjoy her piano learning experience.


These books are available for everyone now:

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